Repeatable: Stings and Things Fallout 76 Quest

Group: Daily Quests

Category: Pioneer Scouts

The first stage of this quest will appear in your Pip-Boy in the miscellaneous section after you talk to Scout Leader Jaggy while doing The Order of the Tadpole quest.

Collect insect parts for Leader Treadly.

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Quest stages of Repeatable: Stings and Things

1. Talk to Pioneer Scout Leader Treadly

Talk to Pioneer Scout Leader Treadly

Talk to Pioneer Scout Leader Treadly

2. -

Pioneer Scout Leader Treadly asked me to collect insect parts for an insect repellent: Bloatfly gland, Bloodbug proboscis, Radroach meat, Stingwing barb, Tick blood sac. I can get them anywhere, but he marked some possible places on my map.

The map will show the places where you can find the necessary items.


2.1. Get a Bloatfly Gland

Get a Bloatfly Gland

2.2. Get a Bloodbug Proboscis

Get a Bloodbug Proboscis

2.3. Get Radroach Meat

Get Radroach Meat

2.4. Get a Stingwing Barb

Get a Stingwing Barb

2.5. Get a Tick Blood Sac

Get a Tick Blood Sac

3. Deliver the insect parts to Pioneer Scout Leader Treadly

I've collected a Bloatfly gland, a Bloodbug proboscis, Radroach meat, a Stingwing barb, and a Tick blood sac for Pioneer Scout Leader Treadly. When I get them back to him, he will make an insect repellent for me.

Return and talk to Scout Leader Treadly.

4. (Quest completed)

I collected the insect parts for Pioneer Scout Treadly. He made an insect repellent for me and even threw in the recipe.

(Quest completed)