Lost and Found Fallout 76 Quest

Group: Miscellaneous

This quest will appear in your Pip-Boy when you find the key in a Mole Miner's body after killing him.

If there's a key, there must be a lock... find the long-hidden cache of supplies.

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Icon of Belching Betty Belching Betty Appalachia / West Virginia

Quest stages of Lost and Found

1. Open the Miner's Locker in {Locker Location}

I found a key on the body of a Mole Miner. If he was still carrying it, it may open something important to him.

One of the locations to which this objective can lead you is Belching Betty. The locker is located in one of the rooms at the end of the mine.

Open the Miner's Locker in {Locker Location}

Open the Miner's Locker in {Locker Location}

2. (Quest completed)

I found the valuables belonging to one of the miners who lived in this area before the war.