Event: Race for the Presidency Fallout 76 Quest

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Claim the most votes and be named President!

Note: Currently, this page contains raw quest data only. I know that it is not much, and I will try to update it with more valuable information as soon as possible.

Quest stages of Event: Race for the Presidency

1. Wait for the Presidential Race will begin at {Site One}

The Presidential race

2. Collect ballots at {Active Ballot Site} (x / y} collected)

The Presidential Race has begun! Time to collect ballots and drop them off at any of the "Vote Counters" in the region! Person with the most ballots wins!

3. Deposit any collected ballots in vote counters

4. Next ballot site to activate: {Active Ballot Site}

5. (Optional) Prepare to collect endorsement from {Active Endorsement Site}

A Presidential Endorsement is set to become available, and it's worth a whole pile of votes! Time to make a decision - head out and wait to collect it? Or keep collecting ballots?

6. (Optional) Be the first to deposit the endorsement in any vote counter

The Presidential Endorsement is now available! Time to track it down and claim it!

7. (Optional) Register to join the Presidential Debate

8. Turn in all remaining ballots before time runs out! (Quest completed)

The race for the Presidency is over! The victors now just need to report to the Charleston State House to collect their prizes. Once they have, they'll be granted access to the Whitespring's Presidential Suite!

9. Current Vote Leader: x - y

10. 2nd Highest Vote Count: x - y

11. 3rd Highest Vote Count: x - y

12. 4th Highest Vote Count: x - y

13. 5th Highest Vote Count: x - y