Event: Encryptid Fallout 76 Quest

Group: Event Quests

Category: The Ash Heap

A rogue creature is terrorizing Appalachia

This event can be triggered if it has not occurred on the server for at least three (?) hours. To start this event, you must have an Assaultron Recall Keycard. These cards are ONE-TIME USE only! You will get one keycard at the end of Calvin van Lowe questline (the series starts with the Lying Lowe quest), and then you can make them at the tinker's workbench. To make one you need:

  • Copper x 1
  • Recall Keycard Circuit Board x 1 - Vendors sell it for about 2000 caps!
  • Rubber x 1
  • Stable Fluorescent Flux x 1
  • Steel x 2

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Quest stages of Event: Encryptid

1. The recalled robot approaches...

A process has begun to recall a dangerous rogue Assaultron to an isolated location for elimination. I'm awaiting its arrival.

2. Defend yourself while the Pylons acquire their target

During the event, players participating in the event will face a three star legendary sheepsquatch and a whole bunch of other robots. The Sheepsquatch is invisible and invulnerable until the three nearby pylons are activated.

3. Activate all Pylons to disable Stealth Mode

The rogue Assaultron has arrived but has a powerful shield that shrugs off damage. I need the nearby pylons to activate so I can do something about that shield!

The pylons are ready to use! Activating them all will remove the rogue Assaultron's powerful shield!

Activate all Pylons to disable Stealth Mode

4. Stealth Mode disabled! Destroy the robot!

5. (Quest completed)

I've defeated the rogue Assaultron. It won't be threatening anyone anymore.

(Quest completed)