Daily: Mistaken Identity Fallout 76 Quest

Group: Daily Quests

Category: The Ash Heap

This quest will appear in your Pip-Boy in the "daily" section when you approach the Camden Park.

Join the fun at Camden Park as a member of Mr. Fuzzy's crew

Note: Currently, this page contains raw quest data only. I know that it is not much, and I will try to update it with more valuable information as soon as possible.

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Icon of Camden Park Camden Park Appalachia / West Virginia

Quest stages of Daily: Mistaken Identity

1. Go to Camden Park

There's some kind of amusement area called Camden Park which claims to be the best place to have a good time. I could use some fun.

2. Go to the Camden Park Main Entrance

This place looks interesting. Some kind of amusement park. I think I see a roller coaster!

Go to the Camden Park Main Entrance

3. Report for your Shift

I've arrived at Camden Park and it looks like it was a great place in its heyday. The loudspeaker is making announcements so maybe something is going on.

Find and talk to the Camden Park Security robot.

Report for your Shift

4. Put on your Uniform

The robot here has mistaken me for someone else and sent me into the employee area to get dressed. Apparently I'm late for my shift.

Get and put on the Camden Park Uniform.

Put on your Uniform

Put on your Uniform

5. Clock in for your Shift

I look pretty good in this outfit if I do say so myself! Time to clock in and get to work.

Activate the Timeclock. You will receive three new quests.

Clock in for your Shift

6. Calibrate Mr. Fuzzy's Games (x/3)

Apparently I need to "calibrate" some games. I hope I'm up for this.

You must complete three sub-quests: Daily: Lucky Mucker, Daily: Dross Toss and Daily: The Chow Line.

7. Visit the Company Store

Visit the Company Store

8. Talk to the Boss

I played all of the games and I guess they're calibrated now. Now I'm supposed to go see the boss. This should be interesting.

9. (Quest completed)

The boss wasn't very happy with me but I have tokens and now I know where to spend them.

(Quest completed)

(Quest completed)