Missions Elex Missions

This is a list of Elex missions.Click on the title of the mission to get more information about it.

Main Missions

Missions that progress the main story.

- Name / Title Type Description
1Survive Report Magalan is a dangerous place to be alone. Elex corrupted creatures, reavers, factions and that's before the fact my own people want me dead. I have to reach one of the Free People's settlements so I can get weapons, equipment and take stock for what I should do next.
2Contact Report There are some Alb raiders in the area. They could be useful to me, or they could report me to Xacor. I can look to get equipment and information in Goliet, or find the Albs. But, if I find the Albs...I might have to fight them.
3Campaign of Vengeance Report Kallax was waiting for me. Why else would he have been there right when I crashed? Someone tried to kill me. And if they are prepared to go to those lengths then they won't stop until I am dead. It will be a long way through many adversities, but I must find answers. I have to find my old strength if I am to stand a chance against Kallax.
4Patience Report Kallax was ordered back to the Ice Palace. I cannot get to him there.
5The Old Man Report The former Elexetor Zardom is hiding out in northeastern Abessa. He could prove a useful source of information.
6Zardom's Battle Plan Report I want to go to Xacor to find Kallax, but I wouldn't stand a chance right now. There is much more to getting in than overcoming the locks and Alb soldiers. Zardom has offered to help me, but wants my assistance with his plans. I don't have a choice, I want to get into Xacor, I will need Zardom's help.
7Confronting the Pilgrim Report Zardom, sent me to the Pilgrim, Thorald. If I can get him to cooperate with me, Thorald might know how to get me close enough to the Hybrid to get the answers I want.
8Old Obligations Report The Hybrid is worried by the plans that the Pilgrim, Thorald, is making.
9The Ice Palace Report I now have a plan for how to reach the Ice Palace, but there are things to do before I can risk entering Xacor.
10The Last Flight Report To enter the Ice Palace I must use my raider to take out the shield barrier. This should be possible if I shoot the ventilation port on the shield generator directly in front on the Ice Palace. Harley should have a progress report on the raider repairs.
11The Battle of Xacor Kill The Albs have reinforced their defenses around the Ice Palace. A hard battle awaits.
12A Danger for the People Has Items I want to be certain who orchestrated the attack on my raider and the execution that followed. If I am lucky, I will find some clues amongst my personal things in the Ice Palace.
13The Lair of the Beast Report I know how to get into the Ice Palace. If I am to finish what has begun, I must go to Xacor. My journey will only be complete when I face the Hybrid.
14Confronting the Hybrid Defeat It is time. Me or the Hybrid. Whoever lives will decide the fate of Magalan.
15The Future of Magalan Report The Hybrid has opened my mind to the future. The People of Magalan must prepare for the beings who are coming to rule our world.


Missions important to companions.

- Name / Title Type Description
1Tooth for a Tooth Report The Berserker Warlord has ordered Duras to find the person responsible for murdering the Warrior Askor.
2The Judgment Report Duras murdered the Berserker Askor. Now I must decide Duras' fate.
3A Cleric Traveling Alone Report The Cleric Falk is an intelligent and curious individual. He could be an efficient companion.
4Danger Ahead Kill I should kill the threatening mutants at the Converter in Edan.
5Electrical Technology for Falk Report Falk needs to acquire a specific set of components.
6Random Access Memory Report Falk has found all the components he requires and needs to return to deliver them immediately.
7A Crafty Crook Report The Outlaw Ray is a strange individual, but he has skills that could be useful. He could be useful support if he agrees to work with me.
8For a Handful of Shards Report The Outlaw Ray is being tracked by bounty hunters. He wants me to help him find the person who took out a contract on him and get rid of all the bounty hunters.
9New Findings Report Caja has some sort of connection with Elex. She wants me to go with her to a set of Elex deposits so that she can learn more about it. She needs my help to do this.
10More than Just Friends Report Caja has become a very loyal companion. It seems I am going to have to explore my emotions further.
11An Outcast Alb Report The renegade Alb Arx has also been disowned by Xacor. A strong Alb soldier, he could be a promising companion in arms.
12Heads Must Roll Report Arx was exiled by the Albs. He wants the Albs hunting him killed and their heads brought to him.
13Arx's Preparations Report Arx is planning a way to show his appreciation. I should find him later.
14A Feast Report Arx has a planned a banquet and has invited some 'special guests'. He wants me to attend.
15The Main Entrance Has Items Arx wants a heart with an especially high concentration of Elex in it. I should kill the powerful cyclops in southwestern Tavar to acquire one.
16A Half Defective Tin Can Report C.R.O.N.Y. U4, a combat drone, apparently survived the raider crash. He requires repairs, but should make a capable companion.
17New Weapon Systems Has Items C.R.O.N.Y U4 can't use its weapon systems anymore. I should try to find a replacement. The U3 drone at the crash site should have what I need to repair U4.
18Angry Girl Report Nasty is an extremely strong fighter, but seems to have some issues.
19The Greatest Challenge Report Nasty appears to be bored and in need of a new challenge.
20Back Home Report Nasty has looked death in the eye. Now she wants to grapple with her destiny and speak with her brother again.
21Salvation Report Nasty has been infected with a terminal illness known as “The Gray Death”. I might be able to find a cure for it in the Archives in the Hort in Ignadon.
22Playing with Fire Report Nasty seems to have formed an emotional bond with me. This could develop further, but I am not used to navigating such emotions.


The Areas and Factions of Magalan.

- Name / Title Type Description
1Go to the Meeting Point in the Ruins West of Goliet Report I need to establish a camp, or base as a place to meet up my companions if we become separated.
2Enter Edan Report Edan. The Land of the Berserkers.
3Enter the Berserker City - Goliet Report I should have a look around the central city of the Berserkers, Goliet.
4Enter Tavar Report Tavar. The Land of the Outlaws.
5Enter the Fort of Tavar Report The Fort. The Outlaws' capital city in Tavar.
6Enter Abessa Report Abessa. The highlands. Neutral territory.
7Enter the Domed City in Abessa Report The Domed City. The central city in Abessa.
8Enter Ignadon Report Ignadon. The Land of the Clerics.
9Enter the Hort in Ignadon Report The Hort. The capital city of the Clerics in Ignadon.
10Enter the Ice Palace Xacor Report The Ice Palace. The capital city of the Albs in Xacor.
11Enter Xacor Report Xacor. The Land of the Albs.
12Photos from the past Has Items You can find lots of photos from the old world on Magalan.
33Propaganda 01 Has Items The Clerics hand out lots of propaganda.


Missions in the woodlands of Edan.

- Name / Title Type Description
1The Law of the Berserkers Report The residents of Goliet are expected to follow the Berserker Laws. How strictly these Laws are interpreted varies from person to person. I should remember the Laws when dealing with the tasks here.
2Abiding the Law Report The Laws of the Berserkers are strictly applied. I will have to stick to them, if I want to make my time in Goliet useful.
3Breaking the Law Report The Laws of the Berserkers are strictly applied. I will have to stick to them, if I want to make my time in Goliet useful.
4Making Things Right Report Ragnar knows that I have broken the Law. Ragnar gave me one last chance to clear my name. Until then, I won't be able to trade in Goliet.
5Free Beer Has Items Drog has been standing guard for awhile. He wants me to bring him something to drink from the tavern.
6The Reaver Leader Kill Galar asked me to clear the old mine of reavers.
7Necessary for Survival Has Items Korin lost his weapon while escaping some creatures here. I should get it back for him. He seems pretty defenseless.
8Katta's Journal Report I found a journal written by 'Katta'. She doesn't seem to live in Goliet anymore, she's moved to an island to the south.
9The Second Guard Report The Cultivator Eldur is worried about the recent increase in jackal attacks. The gatekeeper Alvar was assigned to guard the Cultivators in the fields, but he has gone missing. Eldur would like me to go to the gate guard, Drog, to find out where Alvar is.
10New Ground Report Ragnar wants me to check on some remote Berserker outposts he has lost contact with.
11Exiled Unjustly Report Katta says that she was exiled unfairly. She wants me to find a way to prove her innocence so she can return to Goliet.
12Law and Order Report Angrim sticks strictly to the letter of the law and explains the Laws to every newcomer.
13Slap in the Face Report Trouble is brewing on Emmet's farm.
14Thick and Fast Duel Drog needs someone to knock some sense into him.
15Betrayed Report I told Caldrim I am an Alb. Hopefully that won't have any consequences.
16The Laws Report The Berserkers follow their laws strictly. If I don't want any trouble, I should do so as well.
17Waiting Kill For some time now there have been a few creatures lurking around Geron's camp. He is anxious and wants them to be taken care of.
18Tavern Cellar Has Items Oran's cellar key. Might come in useful at some point.
19The Lift Has Items The elevator that accesses the Valley of the Damned doesn't seem to be working. A gear is missing.
20The Lift Attendant Kill Sten is the guard to the Great Elevator into Edan's Valley of the Damned.
21Hunting Loss Has Items Lennart wants his bow back. He lost it while hunting.
22Mechanics in Trouble Report As Sten is dead I will have to go to Goliet to find a mechanic who can repair the elevator.
23Food Supplies Report Sinda is expecting food deliveries from the Valley of the Damned. Angrim's people from the Eisen Clan were supposed to help her, but they have stopped making deliveries for some reason. I should speak with Angrim to find out why.
24The Outpost Kill An outpost near Goliet has been overrun by reavers. There's probably someone in Goliet who would want to know about this.
25Clan Trouble Report One of Cormag's men is causing problems with the Eisen Clan. His name is Eldur and he works as a Cultivator on the farms. If I want Cormag's trust I should put an end to Eldur's harassment of the Eisen Clan.
26Runs Like Clockwork Report The elevator in Edan will run again as soon as it is repaired.
27Paranoid Kill Egil is scared of the creatures around the camp here. He wants them dead.
28Clearing the Forest Kill As my mission proves, Albs are a threat even here in Edan.
29The Way of the Clans Report The Berserkers faction are made up of clans. I should figure out what that is about.
30In Service of the Warlords Report I need the votes of the Warlords if I am to be promoted. Ragnar, Cormag and Angrim each have tasks that must be completed to earn their pledge.
31Seeking Promotion Report If I want to be promoted to the rank of Paladin, I will have to prove I am worthy. Paladins are second in rank to the Warlord. They are entrusted with command and diplomatic duties, and are taught new skills. Each Warlord will give me tasks I must complete to be considered for promotion.


Missions in the Tavar Desert.

- Name / Title Type Description
1Fragile Power Report There are problems at the Fort. If they continue to get worse, the Duke might lose control. William wants these problems sorted out.
2An Educational Slap Report Trouble is brewing here.
3Interception Has Items Liam has told me that some of the Duke's men have stolen some shards from the Clerics. Liam thinks I can steal that Elexit if I can find the Outlaws on the border between Abessa and Tavar.
4Scrap Difficulties Report Lucky Sam and Trevor have a disagreement about scrap. I have to resolve it.
5The Gate Guard Report The gate guard Spike is dead. William has demanded that I find a replacement for him. I should recruit one of the Arena fighters for the job.
6The Scrap Transport Report Mad Bob is expecting scrap deliveries. The collectors are working out to the west, but are overdue with their delivery. I will have to find them if I am to discover what is going on.
7The Hungry Desert Kill Reavers are luring people to a trap at the beacon. It's time they were taken care of.
8Keep Following Max Follow NPC Max wants me to accompany him to the Fort.
9Exhibition Match Report Hell has broken out in the Arena!
10The Title of Madness Report Mad Bob can't stand people calling him 'Mad'. It makes him angry.
11Shift Change Report Sam has had enough delivering scrap to Trevor. He has found a new customer who pays a lot better. I should decide who I want to support in this dispute.
12The Iron Maiden Report Liam's wife has a bad reputation.
13Sticky Fingers Report Doc had his stash of chems stolen and is offering a reward for their return. The best place to start looking is the entertainment district. Someone there might know who took them.
14Liberation Report The Outlaws took a Cleric spy captive. The Cleric Hartmut wants me to find this spy and free him.
15Stuffing Mouths Has Items Hank has been waiting for an overdue supply caravan of food. He is worried the caravan was attacked by Albs and wants the supplies recovered.
16No Half Measures Kill Iron Madison wants me to eliminate the squad of Clerics currently operating in Tavar.
17Fantastic Greetings Report I did what Mad Bob wanted.
18Grenade Delivery Has Items Blake thinks the Duke is hoarding grenades to drive the price up. Blake would like me to steal at least three grenade crates from the Duke and has offered a reward of shards or grenades if I do.
19Life and Death Kill Iron Madison is a real tyrant. Killing her would make some people in the Fort very happy.
20Defensive Measures Report Bullet asked me to convince William to send him reinforcements.
21Delivery Problems Report Trevor says some of his men were sent out to collect scrap, but are now refusing to deliver it to him.
22A Greedy Guard Report Spike tries to take shards from everyone.
23Bad Payment Report The Duke's family has offered a reward for the destruction of the World Heart.
24Thief's Hiding Place Has Items Cindy gave me the coordinates of a thief's hiding spot. There could be something there worth taking.
25Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Report Lucy doesn't want me to leave my post.
26Vengeance Kill Ace blames me for his brother's death. He will not rest until one of us is dead.
27Follow Max Follow NPC Max wants me to accompany him to the Fort.
28Healing Potions for Garald Has Items Garald wants to be prepared for possible Outlaw attacks. He has asked me to take him a set of healing potions.
29Marching into Death Report As his commander, the Cleric Hartmut, is dead, Frank will try to return to Ignadon on his own.
30Follow Max to the Fort Follow NPC Max wants me to accompany him to the Fort.
31Heavy Loss Has Items Volkmar wasn't able to use his Suggestion in time on one of the Outlaws. The Outlaw stole Volkmar's weapon and escaped. Volkmar wants this weapon back.
32Marching to Freedom Report Frank will try to return to his old unit.
33Technical Advancement Has Items Bill told me about his last find. He is missing a man to get it for him, since he is not a good fighter. He has offered a high reward.
34Follow Max to William Follow NPC Max wants to speak to William about his reward. I had better go with him.
35History Lesson Report Jack likes to tell stories and to listen to them. Maybe I can tell him something about the Albs he hasn't heard before.
36Road Toll Drive Away The gate guard Spike charges people an entrance fee. I can put up with him charging me every time, or I can end his hustle once and for all.
37Meat for Connor Has Items Connor won't deal with me, but if I bring him half a dozen pieces of raw meat, he will pay me for them.
38A Scattered Unit Report The Acolyte Frank has been taken prisoner by the Outlaws. I have the coordinates for his unit. Maybe they will help to free him.
39Medicine for the Hunters Report Scrappy wants me to take Rider the payment for his provisions delivery.
40A Test of Courage Has Items The Outlaw Roger flooded the control wing of the Converter in Tavar with radioactive gas. He promised me a reward if I go in there and get him an energy amplifier.
41A Mechanical Guard Report Cutter has a plan to avoid having to stand guard at the Fort gate. He wants to replace himself with a drone. He has the coordinates for a drone that could provide the AI module he needs for this plan.
42Contract Work Report If I want to continue climbing the ranks of Outlaws in Tavar, I will have to make sure that all of the District Overseers agree. I need the approval of Mad Bob, Chloe, and, since Blake is no longer here, of his successor, Rat.
43Expansion of Power Report William sees my work as efficient, but his word won't be enough to get me promoted to Captain. I will also need the approval from the District Overseers Mad Bob, Chloe and Crazy Rat. There are, however, other people seeking promotion and I will have to prove myself worthier than them.


Missions in the highlands of Abessa.

- Name / Title Type Description
1Gardening Has Items Detlef needs assistance to take care of the weeds in his fields.
2The Unexpected Happens Report Rainer, a Cleric spoke to me during my travels. He did something that clouded my mind.
3Nimble Hands Report There is something curious about this claw.
4Government Affairs Report Neutral Abessa attracts people from all factions. Its strategic importance means it might not remain neutral. The Albs or one of the Factions might decide to take the region over.
5Nobody Likes Thieves Report I passed on the location of the thieves' organization - the Claws.
6Feeding the Worms Kill Just to make sure
7Supply Difficulties Report Thorgal is worried about the supplies the Berserkers have at the World Heart in Abessa, he needs to find another source for food supplies.
8Non-Negotiable Report The Separatists want Arva and her friendly troll dead. Arva wants the Separatists to leave her alone.
9Mandatory Contribution Report Emmet told me the Clerics took almost all of his crops. Emmet can't survive if they keep taking this much from him.
10A Large Obstacle Report The Separatist Sardoz wants control of a nearby Elex deposit. The deposit is guarded by a woman and her pet troll. Sardoz needs them gone so he and the Separatists can get the Elex they need.
11Bill's Account Report Bill has what he wanted.
12Relief on the Way Report Gottfried said a new delivery of combat mechs is being sent to the Domed City soon.
13Biters Threatening a Hunter Kill Biters are threatening a hunter. I should help him.
14On Behalf of the Claws Report The Claws place available missions into a trunk, I can pick up requests and orders from there. Any objects I bring back must be taken to one of the designated drop boxes that can be found in all large cities on Magalan. Hector has the key to the Job trunk.
15One Last Journey Report Arva's companion is injured. She requires some Troll's Leaf to heal him.
16The Claws Report I have discovered the Claws. A secret underground organization of thieves with their HQ in the sewers below the Domed City.
17Overrun by Reavers Report Albert and his men were attacked by reavers and lost one of their obs posts. They need to get it back if they are to maintain their defensive position at the dam.
18A Strange Mechanism Report I received a strange key. I don't know what it opens.
19A Bounty Hunter Report There seems to be on a manhunt going on. Maybe there's more to this.
20An old map Report I should collect all missing pieces of the map and put them together.


Missions in the Clerics fortress in Ignadon.

- Name / Title Type Description
1Subversive Elements Report Judicator Reinhold is in charge of running the Hort. He has learned that someone is trading in Elex here and wants that person caught.
2Pension Plan Report I now have a share in Karsten's chem smuggling.
3From Old to New Report Some mechs have malfunctioned while on field trials. Anna needs their AI chips brought to her as soon as possible so she can discover what is wrong with them.
4Neighbor Troubles Kill Gerd is having trouble with some wild creatures near the Cleric forward outpost in Ignadon. He needs someone to play pest controller.
5Gained Entry Report Xander will only allow traders or recruits into the Hort.
6Corporal Punishment Report There is a brutal side to life in the Hort.
7Hard as Steel Has Items Godehard needs a few special replacement parts. He wants me to meet his supplier outside the Hort to collect them for him.
8Final Arrangements Kill Wolf told me that a crazy Outlaw named Eli is detained awaiting Suggestion. Wolf is certain that Eli can resist this process and that he poses a danger to everyone. He wants him dead at all costs.
9Question of Faith Has Items Eva wants to learn more about their faith from a rare book that is located in the Archives. She is not allowed in there anymore herself so wants me to get it for her.
10A Light in the Darkness Has Items Raudur is having trouble with his generator. I should help him get it running again.
11Request for Help Report Eli is stuck in the Cleric's Hort. He doesn't want to undergo Suggestion and wants to escape with his friend Wolf. To help his plan he needs his old weapon back from Balder. He also needs Cleric armor as a disguise to get out of the camp undetected. The merchant Ferdinand might have an armor that fits Eli.
12Hunters and Collectors Report Levin is a trader who lost his goods when he was attacked by creatures a few days ago. He wants to get his goods back.
13Food for the Clerics Has Items Martha wants better food supplies to improve the rations. I should be able to find a supplier outside the Hort.
14Cause and Effect Report The Hort is being threatened by mutants from the north. Hagen fears they could overrun his defenses. He wants to discover why they are being attracted to this area.
15Runners Has Items Dirk gave me a status report to take to Suggestor Balder as soon as possible.
16The Favor Report Xander wants me to go to Judicator Reinhold and accuse Siegfried of trading Elex.
17The Preacher Oswald Report Oswald is preaching again.
18Obediently Performing One's Duty Report To be promoted to the rank of Legate, I must prove that I am willing to assist the Clerics. Judicator Reinhold has listed the things I must achieve.
19In the Service of Calaan Report As a Legate, it is my duty to find new recruits for the Hort. Hagen and Balder have information on how to do this.
20Knowledge Is Power Report Balder wants to test my knowledge about the Clerics.
21Secrets of the Past Report The clues Eva found give a set of coordinates, I should go to the place and discover what these clues have been pointing us to.


Missions in Xacor, the ice lands of the Albs.

- Name / Title Type Description
1An old buffer Report I found a dead old man in the Ice Desert of Xacor. Something told me that it was that rotten pig Erol. He was known for sneaking up on people and knocking them out before taking their weapons. Glad he's a goner!