The Aeteran Divinity: Original Sin 2 Quest

Group: My Story So Far ...

Starting Map: Reaper's Coast

To start this quest you should visit Blackpits Caverns on Reaper's Coast.

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Icon of Magisters vs Voidwoken (lvl 13) Magisters vs Voidwoken (lvl 13) Reaper's Coast

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Icon of The Eternal Aetera The Eternal Aetera Reaper's Coast

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Quest stages of The Aeteran

1. Oilcave Dig

I discovered that Dallis had been leading excavations in the Blackpits region, in search of the artefact known as the Aeteran.

2. Aeteran

Find Magister Gremory - Magisters vs Voidwoken (lvl 13) in Blackpits Caverns, kill him then loot and read Excavation Log.

I learned that Dallis had been seeking an ancient artefact known as the Aeteran. This device supposedly has an infinite capacity for Source, and could purge the whole world.


3. Oilcave Eternal

The Eternal Aetera.

I encountered a strange being called an Eternal. She spoke of the Aeteran. It seems that the device was created by her kind; a civilisation who were once very powerful, but are now seemingly gone from this world.

Oilcave Eternal

4. Aeteran Explained

Talk to Tarquin (LV).

When asked about the Aeteran, Tarquin scoffed at the notion that such a powerful item could even exist - an artefact that had an unlimited capacity for Source could potentially purge the entire world. He was adamant in his belief that its existence was impossible, and seemed to dislike speaking on the subject - to an almost suspicious degree.

Aeteran Explained

5. COS End

I was attacked by Dallis at the Well of Ascension. She had the Aeteran in her possession, and used it to purge the Wellspring of the powers that lay within.


6. Dallis Goal

Find and read the Journal.

I learned that Dallis is heading for the Tomb of Lucian. With the Aeteran in her possession, she can purge the remains of the Divine himself, and take the Source powers that remain within.

Dallis Goal