The Academy Divinity: Original Sin 2 Quest

Group: Chapter 5 - The Nameless Isle

Type: Main Quest

Starting Map: The Nameless Isle

This quest will be added to your journal after you enter The Council Academy.

We have entered the Academy - the first section of the Council of Seven. We must find a way to proceed to the Arena of the One - the final challenge before one of us can access the Well of Ascension.

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Quest stages of The Academy

1. Temple Info

Activate and talk to The Seneschal.

We need to find a way into the Temple. From there, we can enter the Arena.

Temple Info

2. Skills Info

Before we proceed to the Arena, our Source skills must be sufficiently developed. Should we need them, there are resources to develop our powers in the Library of the Academy.

3. Puzzle Info

There are numerous barriers throughout the Academy. We must restore power to them in order to pass.

4. Lucian Murders

Talk to one of the spirits in The Library.

We have discovered that Lucian the Divine came to the Academy shortly before his death. While he was here, he killed all of the prospective Godwoken and the Masters who taught them.

5. Sentient Voidwoken

We encountered a sentient Voidwoken. It claimed that it was once an Eternal - the extinct race from which the Seven Gods supposedly originated.

6. Entered Temple

You have to deactivate the Energy Barrier. To do this, you have to redirect energy beam to the upper Eternal Conductor and put two Phase Capacitors on Eternal Conductors then use the Energy Barrier Lever.

We have removed the barrier, and can proceed into the Temple.

Entered Temple

7. Convinced Alexandar

Talk to Bishop Alexandar and convince him to help you.

We have convinced Alexandar to abandon his attempt to ascend to Divinity. Instead, he will support us in the Arena.

Convinced Alexandar

8. End

Talk to The Eternal Arbiter and declare that you are ready.

We have entered the Arena of the One. It is time to decide who shall become the next Divine.


After completing The Academy you will get or will be able to get The Arena of the One.