Past Mistakes Divinity: Original Sin 2 Quest

Group: Chapter 6 - The Hunt for Dallis

Starting Map: Arx

This quest will be added to your journal after you enter the room in the sewers where Karon is locked in a cage.

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Icon of Karon Karon Arx

Quest stages of Past Mistakes

1. Read Doc

We read about 'The Mistake' - a Godwoken who turned on the Divine Order after the Seekers trained him. The Magisters still have him in captivity somewhere.

2. Saw The Mistake

Find Karon and get close to his cage.

We came across a caged little boy called Karon, who was wearing a Source collar. Nearby was an arrangement of braziers. What was going on here...?

Saw The Mistake

3. Didnt React

If you left the sewers ...

We didn't do anything about Karon. Something about this just didn't feel right.

3.1. Mistake Is Gone Paladin

... and then returned to the room where Karon was being held.

Notice: You still can lit braziers and summon Karon. Fight will be easier, just Karon, no minions.

It seems that the Magisters opened the cage - its occupant has vanished.

4. The Spirits

Cast Spirit Vision and talk to spirits.

The Spirits

4.1. Source Vision Seekers Known

We saw the spirits of the Seekers we met while escaping from Reaper's Eye. They are trying to ensure that Karon does not break free.

4.2. Source Vision Seekers Not Know

We encountered some spirits, who were trying to ensure that Karon could not escape.

4.3. Talked To Seekers

We spoke with the spirits of some Seekers. They told us that we must not free Karon, for he is the Mistake - the Godwoken who disgraced them.

4.4. Source Vamped Seeker

We consumed the Source of the Seekers guarding the cage, ignoring their warnings.

5. Released Her

You have to lit all braziers. To be able to do it you need to consume spirits (they blow out the fire) or you can use the Fireball spell.

We released Karon... who transformed into the Mistake - a crazed Godwoken who was imprisoned by the Divine Order.

After the short conversation the fight will start - Karon (lvl 19) + four minions. You should focus on Karon.

Released Her

5.1. Mistake Is Dead

Kill Karon.

Karon, the Mistake, is dead.

6. Source Vamped Her

We tried to consume the Source of Karon - he seemed to weaken a little.

7. Fled Combat

We fled from combat.

8. Mistake Is Gone Flee

We fled from combat against Karon. When we returned, he had vanished.

9. Mistake Is Gone Paladin Seeker

It seems that the Paladins were fooled into opening the cage, and let the Mistake escape.

10. Mistake Rampage

We encountered Karon, the Mistake, on a rampage, killing indiscriminately. We must stop him.

11. Close Left ARX Secret

We have ventured onwards, without looking any further into this matter.

12. Close Left ARX Free

We have ventured onwards, leaving the Mistake to cause havoc wherever he wishes.