A Rare Prey Divinity: Original Sin 2 Quest

Group: Chapter 2 - Escape from Reaper's Eye

Starting Map: Fort Joy

This quest will be added to your journal when you somehow find out that Godwoken are being hunted down.

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Icon of Bishop Alexandar (lvl 8) Bishop Alexandar (lvl 8) Fort Joy

Icon of Windego (lvl 5) Windego (lvl 5) Fort Joy

Icon of Roost Anlon Roost Anlon Reaper's Coast

Icon of Black Mirror Black Mirror Reaper's Coast

Icon of The Sallow Man The Sallow Man The Nameless Isle

Icon of Baran Levere Baran Levere Reaper's Coast

Quest stages of A Rare Prey

1. Gareth Hunted

Gareth told us that Godwoken are being hunted down. We had better be careful, so that we don't want draw the attention of the hunters.

2. Bahara Hunted

We learned that the Godwoken were imprisoned by Alexandar so he could be the only one.

3. Windego Met

Find Windego (lvl 5) and talk to her.

We encountered Windego - the crazed Sourcerer from our transport ship - once more, and once more she tried to kill us.

Windego Met

3.1. Windego Kill

Kill Windego (lvl 5).

We defeated Windego. She seemed to have been begging for the forgiveness of some unknown deity before she attacked. What kind of god would a lunatic like that worship...?

4. Alexandar Hunted

Kill Bishop Alexandar (lvl 8), loot Alexandar's Journal from his corpse and read it.

Alexandar, son of Lucian the Divine, was also a Godwoken. He was tutored by Dallis' associate, Vredeman. Hopefully it wasn't a mistake to kill him.

Alexandar Hunted

5. Ifan Hunted

Ifan declared that the Godwoken are hunted by the Lone Wolves. It would be wise of us to avoid them.

6. Found Contract Sawmill

Kill Baran Levere, Loot Mysterious Orders and read it.

I discovered that someone is paying mercenaries to kill Godwoken and bring their heads to a certain 'R' at a sawmill. It'd be ill-advised not to find this sawmill and find out who wants me dead.

Found Contract Sawmill

7. Found Contract

We have found a contract that details how someone is willing to richly reward the Lone Wolves if they are to hunt down and kill Godwoken.

8. Learned Baran

Talk to Baran Levere. Ifan ben-Mezd must be in your party(?).

Baran Levere informed us that the Lone Wolves have been tasked with killing Godwoken.

Learned Baran

9. Learned Roost

Roost Anlon told us that someone is offering a lot of gold for them to kill Godwoken.

10. Learn Divine Order

Kill Roost Anlon, loot Parchment / Divine Order Contract from his corpse and read it.

We found a contract given by the Divine Order to the Lone Wolves - to find and kill Godwoken.

Learn Divine Order

11. Learned Sallow Man

Talk to Black Mirror.

We looked into a mirror made of dark glass, and found ourselves communing with what seemed to be a hideously disfigured elf. This vile creature spoke to us as if we were Lone Wolves, and demanded to know if we had killed any more Godwoken. Whoever this is, they seem to be behind the contract on our lives - pulling the strings seemingly from afar, passing orders through magic mirrors. We must put a stop to this.

Learned Sallow Man

12. Learn DO BR

It seems that both the Black Ring and the Divine Order are trying to get rid of all Godwoken - but do they share the same motivation?

13. Black Ring Invader

It seems that the Black Ring on the Nameless Isle have been tasked with preventing any Godwoken from ascending.

14. Met Sallow Man

The Sallow Man.

We encountered the Sallow Man - leader of the Black Ring forces on the Nameless Isle.

Met Sallow Man

15. Ally Sallow Man

We allied ourselves to the Sallow Man. We should no longer be bothered by he or his forces.

16. Kill Sallow Man

Kill The Sallow Man.

The Sallow Man is dead, but it seems unlikely that we have seen the last of the Void's followers.

Kill Sallow Man

17. Close Left COS

The Nameless Isle has been destroyed, and Dallis has used the Aeteran to steal the powers that resided in the Wellspring. At least the hunt for Godwoken such as us will likely cease now - if we cannot ascend, we pose little threat.

Close Left COS