There Can Be Only One Assassin's Creed Odyssey Quest

Group: The Lost Tales of Greece

Category: One Really, Really Bad Day

Like Adonis glimpsing his own face on the pool, now Alexios would come face to face with the other "Eagle Bearer," hopefully putting this horrible day to an end.

Prior quests

To begin There Can Be Only One you must first complete Here Be Pirates.

Objectives of There Can Be Only One

1. Talk to the other "Eagle Bearer"

Talk to the other "Eagle Bearer"

Talk to the other "Eagle Bearer"

You're gonna have to decide what to do with the other "Eagle Bearer".

  • You'll die for this. - You're gonna have to kill him.
  • I'm impressed. - This choice will allow you to flirt with a "fake you" and / or to invite him to join the crew of your ship.

2. Kill the other "Eagle Bearer"

If you decided that the mercenary deserves severe punishment, you will have to fight him and kill him.

Kill the other "Eagle Bearer"

3. Quest Completed

Rewards: Rare XP, Legendary Drachmae, Copycat Sword (Epic Sword), and, if you invited him to your crew, The "Eagle Bearer" (Epic Lieutenant)

Quest Completed