Taking Out the Competition Assassin's Creed Odyssey Quest

Group: Legacy of the First Blade

Category: Legacy Quest

Alexios saved an interesting old lady who asked him to get rid of some mercenaries suspiciously funded by a secret group.

Prior quests

To begin Taking Out the Competition you must first complete A Curious Request.

Objectives of Taking Out the Competition

1. Gaia the Fist

You have to kill Gaia the Fist.

Gaia the Fist

2. Agis of the North

You have to kill Agis of the North.

Agis of the North

3. Theos the Stargazer

You have to kill Theos the Stargazer.

Theos the Stargazer

4. A Good Toast

This objective will be available after you kill all three mercenaries. You have to complete A Good Toast quest.

5. Quest Completed

Rewards: Epic XP, Legendary Drachmae, Walking Stick (Epic Staff).