Hunting the Huntsman Assassin's Creed Odyssey Quest

Group: Hunted (Legacy of the First Blade)

Category: Legacy Quest

Alexios, at the behest of Neema, looked into a few leads that could help unveil the Huntsman's whereabouts.

Prior quests

To begin Hunting the Huntsman you must first complete More Questions then Answers.

Objectives of Hunting the Huntsman

1. Starting the Hunt

You have to complete the Starting the Hunt support quest.

2. Mysterious Malady

You have to complete the Mysterious Malady support quest.

3. Revealing the Recruiter

You have to complete the Revealing the Recruiter support quest.

4. Whimpers Through the Fog

You have to complete the Whimpers Through the Fog support quest.

5. Piecing the Puzzle

You have to complete the Piecing the Puzzle support quest.

6. Quest Completed

After completing Hunting the Huntsman you will get or will be able to get Protector of Persia.