A Town in Need, Indeed Assassin's Creed Odyssey Quest

Group: The Lost Tales of Greece

Category: One Really, Really Bad Day

After accidentally sinking Alponos's reinforcements, Alexios had to prepare the town to make a stand. But undoing the other "Eagle Bearer's" work would prove to be more challenging than expected.

Prior quests

To begin A Town in Need, Indeed you must first complete Righting a Wrong.

Objectives of A Town in Need, Indeed

1. Help the citizens of Alponos


2. Report to Megakles

You can tell him the truth about how the preparations for the fight went, or lie to him that everything is fine.

If you lie at least twice, Megakles will say that the villagers can defend themselves in the city and propose that you both kill the bandits attacking the salt fields.

Report to Megakles

3. Quest Completed

Rewards: Rare XP

After completing A Town in Need, Indeed you will get or will be able to get Here Be Pirates.